A Wed Wose – How Womantic

For my birthday yesterday, Chris took me to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, and then marked the occasion with one of the most squishy-sweet cards I’ve ever received from him. Naturally it made me cry. (He says his quota for romance is two times per year – my birthday and Valentine’s Day – but after that it’s back to belching the alphabet and the epicurean delights of Subway.)

Really touched by the sentiment, I found myself asking a question. I’m not sure why I did, exactly – perhaps some part of me was hoping this had been some lovely, premeditated thing. “Did you just buy this card today or have you had it for awhile?”

Chris looked thoughtful for a moment before his eyes lit with mischief and a tiny, hopeful grin quirked the corner of his mouth. “That depends – which answer is more romantic?”

And just like that, we were back on familiar ground.

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