Beauty Pro Tip: How to Save Product

Beauty Pro Tip: How to Save Product

The photo above kind of spoils my punchline, but play along with me anyway because this is an awesome time- and money-saving trick I learned from my hair stylist.

You know the drill: you get to the bottom of a bottle of something and the plunger simply ceases to work – despite the fact that you can still see plenty of product inside. (My non-scientist explanation for this: there’s no longer enough downward pressure to push product up the plunger tube, so it just spits and splutters at you.)

Instead of hassling with turning the bottle upside down for a couple days and then trying to squeeze out what remains (which never gets it all), just cut the bottle in half with a utility knife and pour/scoop the contents into another container, or into a new bottle of the same product. Voilà! It seems like such an obvious solution, but it’s not one that would have occurred to me to try on my own. Huzzah for hair stylists and their sneaky tricks!

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