Random: USB Cables

I am convinced USB cables are surrounded by some sort of magical forcefield that screws with your mind. Let’s see if this sounds familiar: you go to plug a cable into a USB port and immediately discover it’s not facing the right way. So you flip it around and try it again, only to realize it’s still not right! What the – it only has two possible orientations! So you flip it back again (right where you started! *ahem*) and then it suddenly fits. Seriously, what is this sorcery?

Someone out there is sure having a good laugh at our expense.

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  1. AmyLee

    Here I thought it was just another technological marvel I seem to be the victim of on a daily basis. You know, like when you’re about to mow the grass and you can’t get the tractor started so you go get your Dad and the damn thing fires right up as he rounds the rear tire. I had no idea this happened to professionals too! Thank you for stroking my hair and reassuring me that things are going to be alright.

    1. Kristin Smith

      There is a name for that phenomena, but I’m not sure what it’s called. The same thing happens with computers. And cars. And jars that won’t open. The thing doesn’t work at all until Chris (or a mechanic, or anyone) walks around the corner and then suddenly there’s no problem at all, everything is working just fine thankyouverymuch. But… but… I swear it wasn’t working a second ago!

  2. Sabsi

    Ah, yes, the picture is gone now. After I discovered my “Gravatar” account and deleted the photo from my profile there. ;-)


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