My Bucket List

For years, my Bucket List was spread across iPhone notes, Word documents and random scraps of paper, constantly shuffled about from one place to another, until it all finally landed in a pile in Evernote – where it’s been languishing in a dark corner, collecting dust for the last three years.

I only thought about the list occasionally (usually when I had something new to add) but when I recently got to mark off an item I knew was on it (#73! Yeah!), I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, thinking I was making good progress. That is, until I took out the list for real, cleaned it up and organized it, and then examined it properly. If “five things” somehow meant “good progress” then I clearly needed to rethink my metrics.

Bummed out that I hadn’t even made a dent, I decided I needed a different approach. That’s when it hit me: why not make it public? I was already planning some posts about things that were on my list, but this way I could reference the items in context. By keeping the list visible and up-to-date, I could also hold myself accountable; I could make it part of my everyday life instead of letting it fade into abstraction again.

And maybe – just maybe – I could inspire others to dust off their own lists, to grab an idea or two from mine, and to seek out their own experiences. For what would this crazy life be without a little adventure?

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