Nature As Art

Pierre Bonnard once said that art would never be able to exist without nature. Aristotle agreed by saying that art takes nature as its model. But what if nature itself is the medium? Today I’m sharing three inspiring examples of this:

Andres Amador's Earthscapes

1. Andres Amador’s “Earthscapes”

“Draws” may not be the right word. He doesn’t sit down or stand motionless as he uses his hand to create designs. Instead, Amador steps and leaps swiftly over the beach, dragging his rake as it scrapes the top layer of the sand, revealing the darker, wet sand below. The contrast creates stunning flowers, snowflakes, and abstract geometric designs that can span 100,000 square feet in area.

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Claire Droppert's Gravity Sand Creatures

2. Claire Droppert’s “Gravity Sand Creatures”

“In my work, I’m inspired by the line where simplicity and minimalism are wed, and the new editing techniques that blur this line. I have a strong preference for landscapes, and desolate / open spaces. There is a distinctive whispering silence to be found in my work.”

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del Sol's Underwater Photography

3. del Sol Photography’s “Trash the Dress” Shoots

del Sol’s bride and groom subjects aren’t flinging paint at each other, ripping fabrics, mud wrestling or having food fights in order to trash their wedding garb. Instead, they’ve all embraced an unusual medium: water. By itself that’s not breaking new ground – lots of other photographers use water for their “trashing” sessions – but del Sol has taken theirs under the water’s surface. Shooting in exotic, tropical locations, they are adept at capturing both the sensual, fluid beauty of the relationships as well as the surrounding landscapes. The result is often a dreamy, fantastical, storybook kind of feel. Admittedly, they pretty much had me at that.

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