Simple Moments: Cat Mornings

Waking up in the morning and feeling the light pressure of something warm pressed against my shoulder. I know that familiar, languid resistance: it’s my cat. I say mine because, of the two, he has adopted me specifically. When I open my eyes it’s to see his sweet, sweet face, peaceful in slumber. My smile mimics his contentment and I reach down and bury my fingers in the silky softness of his fur. He curls towards me with soft grunty noises, and sleeps on.

New Music: Grizfolk

This song was playing in a gas station and I had to quickly tag it before it was my turn at the cash register, all the while juggling whatever it was I was buying. Capture under pressure! It was well worth the effort, though – I was hooked after only a few seconds of listening. It has such a mellow, melodic groove to it, but with enough dynamics to keep it interesting.

– – –

I discover new music all the time, often in unexpected ways and places, and I delight in this. Even better is sharing my findings in the hope that someone else will make an exciting new discovery as well. Enjoy.