New Music: Miss Li

I found this little gem playing on the overhead speakers at a retail store. It was the perfect groove for shopping: appealing and peppy, but with a vintage flair to it, like something right out of the jazzy 1920s. It also contains a few different layers, which I like: about two minutes into the song, it slows down to a more sultry pace, almost as though the song is over. Then it picks up momentum again, and forty seconds later, it’s jamming out in a very rock-esque fashion. All together, it’s an exuberant, lounge-y tune that will make bopping your head an irresistible urge.

– – –

I discover new music all the time, often in unexpected ways and places, and I delight in this. Even better is sharing my findings in the hope that someone else will make an exciting new discovery as well. Enjoy.

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