Simple Moments: Post-It Smilies

Simple Moments: Post-It Smilies

Stumbling blearily into the bathroom in the morning and discovering a sweet, little sentiment perched on the mirror. It’s not for any reason, aside from the best one: because. I blink for a moment while it registers, then smile back. Occasionally the post-its show up in my car, too: stuck to the rearview mirror, or to the mirror under my sun visor (these can take awhile to notice), or even to the back window, which means I have to get out and remove it before I can drive off. One time there was close to twelve, stuck everywhere inside and outside my car. I’m still not sure I found them all. Regardless, I’m always touched by the depth of thought that can be conveyed in such a simple thing.

(But please, let’s not mention to Chris that this is considered romantic. It might count against his annual quota.)

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  1. Sandy Beason

    He got it from his Grandma. If you notice my post on Facebook yesterday, she has been busy this week.


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