Random: Peach Fuzz

Gaffney's Peach Water Tower
According to Wikipedia, The Peachoid is a 135-foot tall water tower in Gaffney, South Carolina that resembles a peach.

Hmm. A peach, they say? That’s interesting, because a peach is certainly not the first thing that came to my mind.

I’m sure the people of Gaffney are proud of their peaches, and their peachy water tower. But seriously, is there no one at the public works office who ever says, “Hey, George (in my mind that guy is always named George), don’t you think we should round out the shape of this peach so… well, you know, so we don’t make an ass of ourselves?”

Just curious.

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  1. Sandy Beason

    Anyway you slice it, this whole thing had to be a little fuzzy for everyone, even George.

    Great way to start my day, thank you.

  2. Christine

    There is a big reference to this tower in the Netflix version of “House of Cards.” Early in the show, Kevin Spacey’s character is derided for helping to build it when a girl is killed in a car accident supposedly while texting about it and driving. They call it a health hazard for drivers.

    Later in the series, Spacey sends his enemy a peach. The guy knows immediately who it’s from.

    1. Kristin Smith

      Haha, nice. Yeah, I discovered the connection to “House of Cards” when I went looking for the name of it. I also saw the pic of Kevin Spacey posing in front of it. *shakes head* I honestly didn’t mean to write about a famous water tower! I’ve had this picture in my funnies file for ages and just decided to write about it now.

  3. Sabsi

    Hahaha! That reminds me of something I once read about Caravaggio’s “Sick Bacchus” where the writer opined that the two peaches were Caravaggio’s very naughty and kinky homoerotic hidden message. You know, because those peaches were clearly meant to portray two backsides, one sitting and one lying down. :-D

    I thought that was hilarious at the time, because it seemed so incredibly far-fetched, but now you make me wonder if the guy was on to something after all. ;-)


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