The Sphere Beyond Us

Sometimes on rainy weekends, existential things cross my mind. This one occurred to me after observing my cats.

Cats have such a tiny view of what life is. They don’t have any comprehension of what they don’t know, of how vast life gets in the sphere just beyond them. They accept their reality for what it is: a moment to moment reflection of their basic needs, the warmest napping spot, and the little entertainments and curiosities they discover throughout the day. They don’t understand what it means to drive a car, to hold a job, to make money, to pay the utility bill, to grocery shop, or to anticipate the next episode of some TV show. They aren’t aware that they live in a house, that there are other cats who live next door, or that there’s lots of other countries – some situated halfway around the world – that also occupy this orb of luminescence we call Earth. Their life tends toward the simple; the routine. Yet to them, it’s very complete. Their cognizance doesn’t allow them to see beyond the space they occupy.

Kinda makes you wonder what’s out there beyond us, doesn’t it? The stuff we can’t comprehend or don’t yet know; the things for which we have no awareness. What’s in that sphere?

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  1. Sandy Beason

    A nice conversation to reflect on this rainy day. I do know one thing for sure, I’m glad I am in this one with you.


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