Weakness: Pixar’s “La Luna”

Weakness: Pixar's La Luna

This is one of those things that I love so much it causes my heart to swell from the sheer perfection of it. It’s got all of my favorite elements: lovable characters, masterful subtlety and metaphor, wonder, humor, fantasy and charm.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Enrico Casarosa, Pixar’s “La Luna” follows the story of a young boy as he begins work with his father and grandfather. You’re not quite sure what they’re doing until the end, yet you are immediately pulled into their world. There is no recognizable language in the film, either, so it is very much the expressiveness of the young boy – and by contrast, the lack of it from the other two – that carries this story.

By the end, you may be surprised to discover only six minutes have passed; it feels much longer than that. Then again, elegant and delightful things usually do. With not one second of screen-time wasted, “La Luna” proves that storytelling doesn’t have to take the long road to be satisfying.

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4 Comments Weakness: Pixar’s “La Luna”

  1. Sandy Beason

    There are some things you see or hear or feel just once and it stays with you the rest of your life. This is one of them.

    Simply amazing.

  2. AmyLee

    Up until now, Knick Knack has been my favorite but once again the creatives at Pixar have blown my mind. The attention to detail is incredible and the story tugs at your heart strings! Must have it for my collection. Thanks for sharing!


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