About Kristin

I am a writer, graphic designer, publisher and accidental photographer. In short, a storyteller. When I’m not pushing pixels into aesthetically pleasing arrangements, nurturing ideas and business ventures, or helping others shape and polish their own work, chances are good you’ll find me sitting at a keyboard somewhere, creating content for this site.

This is where I get to share stuff I love, try my hand at a little DIY, announce personal and professional projects, introduce you to music I’ve discovered, and chatter about topics that are important to me. If, while I’m here, I also figure out the upside of turning forty, then more’s the party.

I currently hail from the northern tundra (seriously, though, Minnesota is one of the best kept secrets in the country) but count the days until I can put the top down on my car again. Alongside me is my partner, Chris, and our two cats, Jackson and Penelope, who can usually be found holding down furniture cushions somewhere in the house.

My Grid

The grid below contains a medley of things of which I am particularly fond, but it’s also an unofficial guide to my blogging topics. You may see posts about any or all (or none) of these things.

Dimples Clothing with stripes Homemade guacamole Ice with a dash of Diet Coke
by John Lennon
Ford Mustangs Works of fantasy Science of the cosmos
Behind-the-scenes work
in theatre or film
Avatar: The Last Airbender People watching Dr. Seuss
The feel of a hardcover or paperback in my hand Albert Einstein Bare feet Honoring my
inner Sheldon
Tattoos Fedora hats A capella harmonies NYC, Seattle, London
Sarcastic, off-beat humor Spirituality Pixar Belly buttons
The lusciousness of color: rich blues, indigo, dark purples, fiery oranges Board/card/trivia games Laminating things Finding the perfect font(s)
for a project
British telephone booths Words, words, words! Miniatures The method by which cats clean their faces
Snoozies® The cake part of a cupcake
(sorry, Amy)
Organizing Bear hugs
Music, music, music! Vintage typewriters LEGOs Dancing
Finger puppets The little things Eyes, eyes, eyes! Being the reason others are inspired and encouraged
The word “sneebish”
(thanks, Dad)
Tetris (the classic Nintendo version, thankyouverymuch) Imajica by Clive Barker Weird, colorful or patterned socks
Movies that make me think 3:00 am Finding the magic in mundane things Being a multipotentialite
Sleeping in Stories written by
J.K. Rowling
Curiosity Snow
(lots and lots of it)
Cultivating a rich inner life;
any grand use of imagination
The exhilaration of driving a precision automobile Gay rights, equal rights, human rights The numbers 9, 3 and 12
Succulents and bonsai Zippered pouches World maps Bowling shoes
SpongeBob SquarePants The stirring notes violins and cellos make together The word “fuck”
(sorry, Mom)
infectious enthusiasm
Getting pronounciation and spelling correct, especially of people’s names Mixing regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios – doesn’t get too sweet, nor tastes too healthy Long, winding, tangential, stimulating conversations (and the people who relish having them with me) The sound York Peppermint Patties make when you break them in half:
(thanks, Chris)
Cash registers Introvertism
Being a homebody, yet still loving to travel Animals
Intelligence March 2 Apple products The work of MinaLima
British accents Egyptian mythology Sun-drenched, airy spaces Synchronicity

Socially Speaking

Artwork Credit

The illustration of me in the header is the handiwork of the oh-so-talented Simini Blocker.